The LinkedIn Playbook


You’ve been trying to take the next step in your career professionally. But every time you submit a job application, you get hit with the automatic rejection. Every time you try to connect with someone on LinkedIn, you aren’t quite sure what to message them. Every time you go to write a post, you’re worried about what other people might think because it’s “cringey.”

You know that you’re more than capable to crush any job. You are more than qualified. You have the skills. You know you’ll outperform. You just need the right opportunity or the right connection to present itself.

The Founder of The PostGrad Playbook, Jahleane Dolne, learned how to use Linkedin and in turn, it resulted in her:

  • Transition into Tech and helping others start their journey as well
  • Connecting with Senior Executives all around the world
  • Having recruiters from companies like Amazon, Stripe, and Instacart reaching out
  • Generation of multiple 6-figures of pipeline revenue as a Sales Representative

It all started with LinkedIn. It all started with a playbook.

What People Are Saying:

Jahleane’s creative and strategic abilities shine through in The PostGrad Playbook. The strategies that she shares are not only easy to implement but also can make a huge difference in how Linkedin users experience the growth of their network and connections. She talks about the importance of the details and how to excel. As someone who has experienced the power of developing a community on Linkedin, I highly recommend The PostGrad Playbook!

Steph P.

After leaving the corporate world to go into full time entrepreneurship, I realized I needed to reposition myself as an expert in my new chosen field. Jahleane’s LinkedIn Playbook helped me optimize my profile to highlight how my previous strengths in sales applied to my current endeavor, yet made it clear what I now do and who I help. Plus, her RVP method has allowed me to reach out to new candidates for my podcast and services with personalized and effective messaging. The playbook has made optimizing my profile and outreach so seamless and has been such a valuable resource. I’m so glad I made the investment!

Megan T.

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