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The only coaching platform and resource center dedicated to helping postgrads and 20-somethings overcome mindset blocks and take action toward their professional goals, no matter how "unconventional" that might look. 

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Release subconscious blocks to choose your own adventure

No more settling for positions and opportunities that leave you stressed out and out of alignment with your life vision... 

...even if society told you that being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer were the only career options. 

7-Step Gameplan

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The playbooks to get to your final destination

There are so many step-by-step guides to pursuing everything but overcoming the resistance keeping you from taking meaningful action toward a fulfilling life. 

Here, we flip the script so you can stop googling "Why am I afraid to pursue my dream?"

7-Step Gameplan

I'm Jahleane

I’m your newest go-to when it comes to all things aligning your subconscious mindset and taking action towards the big dreams you have for your career.

From taking leaps of faith to overcoming the fear of being judged, I help you not only take up space, but feel empowered while doing it.

Let’s get started, your future awaits.


"It felt like a million pounds lifted off my shoulders. This rippled into my business and I started taking action on things I had been procrastinating on forever."

- Sabine O.

"After just one call, I’ve been able to clear some deep-seated money blocks preventing me from fully showing up and making money in my business!"

- Allanna M

"It is so rare to find a coach who holds the space you truly need, while intuitively leading you to push your limits and embrace your fullest potential."

- Joy G.

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