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Speaking Topics

The Postgrad Playbook‚ĄĘ offers several distinct topics based on common professional experiences. In understanding how to navigate these challenging yet inevitable circumstances, attendees gain valuable insights into both their lives and careers.¬†

Topic #1

The Postgrad Playbook: Perfecting Your Pivot

The only constant in life is change, there's no way around it. The Founder of The Postgrad Playbook‚ĄĘ, Jahleane Dolne, is no stranger to it and attests that it's how we respond in the face of unplanned setbacks that matters.¬†In this tactical, candid, and uplifting talk, Dolne not only highlights the kinds of pivots¬†professionals will inevitably face but¬†also how to courageously overcome them in a way that honors their¬†chosen¬†career path.


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Learning Objectives

  • Understand 3 key kinds of pivots you will inevitably face
  • Gain clarity on how to honor your chosen career path instead of what society and others around you deem acceptable
  • Understand how to expand your surface area for luck in the face of uncertain times
  • Walk away with 7 tangible steps for career success
  • Get a proven framework for positioning yourself for your pivots
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Topic #3

The Postgrad Playbook: The Purpose Playbook

More often than not, the bigger dreams that we have for ourselves are ones that no one else can give us. They're meant for us to create on our own in an entrepreneurial fashion and are intertwined with our own innate sense of purpose. However, this journey is demanding of more than just surface-level mindset work and hustle culture platitudes on repeat. It requires a peak into the subconscious mindset to reveal what blocks stand in the way of sabotaging your ambitious career and entrepreneurial plans. 


Book The Purpose Playbook

Learning Objectives

  • Learn¬†how your subconscious mindset works and how you can align it with the beliefs needed for entrepreneurial success

  • A solid understanding of how success, money, worthiness, and visibility blocks show up in your day-to-day and block entrepreneurial¬†progress
  • A science-backed framework for overcoming blocks and the untrue stories you don't realize you tell yourself

  • An exercise¬†of root-cause identification of what has been holding you back

  • Tangible next steps to keep you on track

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From CEOs to Managers at the NYC Dept of Education, to students, everyone is raving about the Postgrad Playbook‚ĄĘ.

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David Richardson

Founder, CEO & Board Chair - National Sales Network

"The National Sales Network has hosted hundreds of events and going into our 2023 Student Conference, I knew that I was specifically looking for a Gen Z Speaker to relate to our Gen Z student audience. Jahleane was well prepared and hit the nail on the head in her presentation as she shared many of her specific life experiences that not only made her relatable but also made our students feel seen and heard. Her well-tailored speech was the perfect balance of tactical and motivational and many students reported walking away from the session feeling "inspired" and "empowered" to navigate pivots in their postgraduate life. Even though our students were coming from about 200 different schools all throughout the country, she tailored her speech so that it was relatable to all. After her presentation, she gifted our students with the exclusive Pivot Playbook which many of them were excited to receive. Throughout the whole process, Jahleane was very professional, responsive, and easy to work with so I'd recommend booking this program for your organization. Overall, it was a fantastic experience working with Jahleane and having The Postgrad Playbook at our 2023 Conference!"

Jaiden H. 

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

This presentation has inspired me to think about my own playbook and presentation because I have a passion for developing young professionals.

Eduardo F.

Georgia State University

I felt very empowered and motivated after the presentation! The presentation was very engaging and relatable. I know I can take a lot of the advice given and apply it to my own life! 

Paige B.

Xavier University of Louisiana

I loved Jahleane’s story & presentation of how to make use of your pivots. I look forward to reading more in her playbook & transforming my life. 

A very engaging speaker, wow!

"Very engaging speaker, loved how she asked the audience questions. This was such an interesting presentation and I was engaged the whole time. Great information! The pivot playbook was very motivating and calmed a lot of nerves that I have in regard to graduating and entering the real world."

Nana W., University of Houston

I thought I was at a Ted Talk

"I think the speaker did about great. From the time she got on the stage, the opening was amazing I thought I was at a TED talk. I was very very thrilled by everything she instilled in me in such a short time. Her story was great and I have many questions I’d like to ask. Thank you so much!"

Raven W., Jackson State University

Gavaskar Reid

Engagement Manager, NYC Dept of Education

"Jahleane carries herself with a lot of poise and she was an outstanding panelist in one of our centrally organized events that reached a number of educators and industry partners throughout NYC. She provided lucid insight into her career and the technology sector as a whole, allowing our attendees to better grasp career readiness concepts. Many schools and businesses alike can greatly benefit from her expertise and I’m thrilled that we’re able to collaborate together."

Attendee Satisfaction At A Glance:

Rachel Koblic

Co-Founder of Starling

Jahleane came and spoke to Starling members recently about how to treat your job search like a sales pipeline and leverage sales methodologies to land your next interview. I've always known Jahleane to be an exceptional salesperson so was excited to hear her speak on this particular topic that is so relevant right now. Jahleane was great--engaging, approachable, and knowledgeable. Her PROMOTE framework was super helpful in reconceptualizing and structuring the job search, and our community particularly appreciated her tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to boost credibility and attract inbound traffic. We got so much positive feedback on the workshop and would love to have her back in the future. Thanks, Jahleane!


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