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How To Reach Your Full Potential: Close The Gap

Nov 14, 2023
how to reach your full potential

If you’re anything like me, you might’ve had a brief moment recently where you wrote the date down and scribbled a quick ‘9’ to represent the month.

A second of reflection probably came next.

…9? As in September?  

Yes, and I can’t believe it either.

The year continues to fly by and as it passes, so does the time we have left to follow through on our New Year’s Goals.

At the beginning of every year, it’s natural to imagine our wants, hopes, and dreams living so far out in the future. A little too far for us to grasp in real time. The first couple of days of motivation-backed consistency are inevitably followed by the relentless “I’ll do it tomorrow” and “I’ll accomplish x next month” statements in our psyche.

Until it’s September and we’re not exactly where we want to be and find ourselves caught in a moment of anxiety and panic.


Here’s the harsh truth: The tomorrows, the next weeks, and the next months never come - our subconscious keeps it that way.


Here’s what’s happening on a subconscious level:

Your subconscious mind which runs about 95% of the show accepts every statement that it’s given. It doesn’t understand abstract concepts of time like “tomorrow” because there is always a tomorrow.

So if you perceive there to be a gap between now and your goals, your subconscious adamantly obliges to your wishes and keeps it in the distance.

So here’s an idea:

What if we ascribed to the radical belief that our dreams and goals don’t have to exist so far out into the unforeseeable future that they almost feel too out of reach?


I’m about 6 months into my entrepreneurship journey and can attest that opportunities I didn’t “plan” on experiencing in my initial goal-setting sessions have shown up in record speed.

Circumstances change every single week.

New connections, new places, and new opportunities show up all the time.

Your biggest responsibility is just creating meaningful momentum in the right direction. 

That is how to reach your full potential. 

When we open ourselves up to the possibility of amazing things happening and exist in a state of embodiment, our external world responds to us.

And it can free us from some anxiety-inducing episodes.

TLDR: The space is always there if you perceive it to be. Let what you want exist in the now.

How To Reach Your Full Potential: Tips to Close The Gap


  1. Don’t Get Caught Up In The Vagueness Trap:


    If you set a goal to be richer, your subconscious will literally take an extra penny as “evidence” that you have completed your goal.  So get super specific. How much money do you want to see in your bank account? How many clients do you want to bring in?


  2. Embodiment

    Show up as the version of yourself that already has it. Think about what they do in the morning. What their day looks like. What changes can you implement in your life now that make this more of a reality? Chances are you already know 😉



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