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13 Underrated Self Reflection Questions For Growth

Dec 20, 2023
self reflection questions for growth, self reflection questions

Happy Friday!

Truthfully, I hope you’ve already (or are about to) put up the OOO reminder in your email and are enjoying time with your friends and family.

2024 is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you probably have a hard time opening up new chapters without closing the past one intentionally.

For high achievers, it can be so easy to fall into the trap of just doing without acknowledging how far you’ve actually come, because technically there is always “more” to achieve.

I find that staying present in moments of gratitude and reflection sets the tone for a successful year ahead.

So for the last newsletter of this year, I’m leaving you with the same 13 impactful self reflection questions for growth I’m using to wrap up 2023.  

Lastly, I’ve put together a 30-second  survey that will help inform me about what potential programming would be most impactful for this community next year. You can scroll down past the questions to find it!

Have a great holiday and Happy New Year!! - Jahleane


13 End Of Year Self Reflection Questions for Growth:  

  1. In what ways have I changed the most this year mentally, spiritually, and professionally?

  2. What’s the most important lesson this year taught me?

  3. Who was my biggest influence this year?

  4. List the goals that you achieved from last year’s resolutions.

    a. Are there any you didn’t accomplish and are bringing into this new year?

  5. How has my relationship with myself grown this year?

    a. How can I better my relationship with myself this next year?

  6. What brought me the most joy this past year and how can I create more of that?

  7. What negative paradigms/beliefs am I holding onto about myself and how can I commit to letting them go?

  8. Who in my immediate circle brought me peace this year?

    a. Can I work on bringing more relationships in my life that have a similar effect?  

  9. What skills do I need to work on honing for 2024 and how will they help me?

  10. What are some moments I felt my absolute best this year?

    a. How can I create more of those next year?

  11. What are 3 wishes that I have for yourself for next year?

    a. What systems can I put in place to make it happen?

  12. List 3 things you accomplished that you’re most proud of.

  13. What’s one thing/habit that I know I need to let go of, but am still holding onto?

    a. In what ways do I benefit from holding onto it?


What would you also add to this list for self-reflection questions for growth?



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