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14 Questions To Your Career Fulfillment

15 questions to discover your life purpose Apr 25, 2024

If you’re in the same boat as me, you may have experienced growing up a tad bit envious of others who always knew what they wanted to be and later went on to fulfill that dream.

Up until my early 20s, whenever someone asked, my answer was always either “I don’t know” or something that I didn’t really have my heart in.

As a child of immigrants,  I had a very clear understanding of what success looked like - being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. At the same time, this left me with a limited understanding of what career options were actually possible.


Unsurprisingly, following this (well-intentioned) path led to my quitting my extremely misaligned first job out of college and feeling as unfulfilled as ever. I couldn’t help but try to figure out what I (authentically) wanted to do with my career that didn’t make me want to pull my hair out.

During that hectic time, I stumbled across a series of questions that would help pivoters look beneath their subconscious programming of what a “successful career” looked like.

Now as layoffs take place left and right, there’s a lot of uncertainty that might have you wanting to make a career change, even if it does seem out of reach.

Since only about 50% of college grads pursue and land roles in their field of study, more people than ever are looking to discover what a more aligned path looks like to them.

If you’re on the fence about it I can tell you one thing - the pull to pursue something more or something different never really does go away, it just gets louder and louder.


15 Questions To Answer If You Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life


  1. What did you like to do as a kid?

    a. What about this activity was your favorite part?

  2. Who's career do you envy?

    a. What about it would you like to have for yourself?

  3. What do you naturally gravitate toward in your free time?

  4. What have you put off to the side as "too impractical" to pursue?

  5. What about your current career or profession do you want to stray away from?

  6. What’s something you could talk about for 40 minutes without preparation?

  7. What is something that your friends and family come to you for?

  8. What are some of your core values?

  9. With all the problems in the world, which one would you find the most interesting to solve?

  10. What is a solution that you wish existed?

  11. What is something that you’re good at that you could be paid for?

  12. What’s something that you think the world needs?

  13. What’s your Zone of Genius?

  14. From your answers above, create a list of 5 professions. Which feels the most expansive?


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