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How to Outlast 91% of Goal-Setters: How To Achieve A Goal Successfully

Jan 05, 2024

Happy New Year!

Now that the frenzy of the holiday season and setting New Year’s resolutions has (most likely) settled down, how have you kept up?

I’m guessing that you’re in one of the following categories:

  1. I’m still going strong

  2. Trying to stay consistent

  3. Girl, I’ve given up already

  4. I’m still solidifying my goals 😅

The energy of Jan 1 always makes the collective feel something like this:



Cool, calm, motivated, and confident….but in most cases that only lasts for so long.

Forbes reported that only 9% of resolution setters feel like they completed their goals by the end of the year 🥴

That’s so unfortunate. But when you jokingly said “new year, new me” to your friends I know you actually meant it this time.

Here’s the plan for how to achieve a goal successfully and outlast the 91% to commit to the “new you.”


How To Achieve A Goal Successfully (Backed By Science): 3 Ways To Achieve Your Goals


Step 1: Form Identity- Based habits

Our habits reinforce whatever belief system that we have about ourselves. If we think we are one way, we will subconsciously live by the characteristics of that identity. Taken from Atomic Habits, start by forming identity-based habits that align with the version of yourself that easily and effortlessly completes the desired tasks.

For example:

Don’t say, “I’m going to post 1x a day on social.”

Say, “I’m a Content Creator.”

Don’t say “I run 3 miles a week.”

Say, “I’m a runner.”

Our internal informs our external reality and through changing how we view ourselves, our actions and habits fall in line.


Step 2: Fall Asleep to Affirmations

The easiest way to reprogram your mindset to align with this new identity is by falling asleep to affirmations. Your subconscious not only hears everything when you’re falling asleep, but it’s even more susceptible to suggestion and therefore, change.

Check out my favorite (and free!) resource to record affirmations in your own voice: THINK UP APP


Step 3: Stay Accountable

Robin Sharma said it best - “potential unexpressed turns to pain.” I’ve built out a 30-day reset guide for you to use.  Not only will it help you hold yourself accountable, but it’ll guide you through steps 1 and  2. Scroll down to download.

Rooting for you!



Download the 30-Day Reset Challenge

Track your progress over 30 days with this self-paced template.



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