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How to Navigate Feeling Stagnant in Life and Weather Your Waiting Season

Mar 05, 2024

I hope that you’re just as excited as I am that with the renewing energy of Spring right on the horizon, we’ve almost made it through the lull that was Winter.  

So many people around me have mentioned going through intense periods of stagnation and even solidified March as the new, unofficial start of the New Year (Jan and Feb don’t count anymore lol).

Thoughts like “I should’ve *insert accomplishment* by now” or “I guess I’m not working hard enough” may have been swirling around, mentally leaving you stuck and frustrated. In my past “waiting seasons”, I envisioned them as a persistent, thick fog hiding the road in front of me.

No matter what you do or how much effort you put in, the ball just doesn’t get rolling. Maybe at this point, you’re asking God (or whatever you believe in), when will it be my turn?


What to do when you feel stuck in life

While it might not seem like it at face value because you’re so aware of what’s not happening, I believe the waiting season can mark some of the most creatively opportune times that we ever have access to (if you’re open to seeing it that way).

Usually, there’s a skillset that you can pick up that’ll prepare you to fully reap the benefits when your preferred end result does come in. In some cases, you wouldn’t have been able to get to point B without the people you met or the lessons you learned during the lull.

At the same time, when the results you do want start rolling in, you can find that it serendipitously aligns with other events, connections, and so on. In other words, it ends up better than it could’ve if you got it on your own timing.

Regardless, here are two tips for navigating your waiting season.


How To Make The Most Of Your Waiting Season


Take Note of Your Patterns

Sometimes the waiting season is a call from inside the house to take inventory of what you don’t want to bring into the next chapter. Think of it as Spring cleaning before Spring hits. What thoughts, paradigms, or patterns have you been holding onto that no longer serve you? Your uplevel can be contingent upon the release of these.


Fight The Urge To Jump Ship On Your Progress

This period is the ultimate breeding ground for self-doubt and a lack of faith.  Your subconscious mind will use any and all evidence that forward progression isn’t in the cards as justification to get you to retreat into a state of “safety” - meaning you give up and back to your comfort zone. Periods of stagnation can disguise themselves as indications that you’re a complete failure, but keep going.



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